R22 Floron Cane

R22 Floron Cane
Product Description

We are famous amongst our customers as a trustworthy organization engaged in offering R22 Refron Refrigerant Gas. R22 is used as a refrigerant in household, industrial and commercial air-conditioning systems. It can also be used as an aerosol propellant for pesticide and paint, or as a fire extinguishing agent. It is a primary feedstock for fluoropolymers. Under normal temperature and pressure, this gas is colorless, odorless and nontoxic. Its melting point is -160 c and its boiling point is -40.8c. Its mixture with air is nonflammable and free of explosion risk. R22 Refron Refrigerant Gas shows good thermal and chemical stabilities under normal conditions.

R22 Refrigerant Gas Cane Floron

Chlorodifluoromethane ‚ is a ‚ hydrochlorofluorocarbon ‚ (HCFC). This colorless gas is better known ‚ HCFC-22, or ‚ R-22. It is commonly used as ‚ propellant‚ and ‚ refrigerant. These applications are being phased out in ‚ developed countriesdue to the compound's ‚ ozone depletion potential ‚ (ODP) and high ‚ global warming potential‚ (GWP), although global use of R-22 continues to increase because of high demand in‚ developing countries.‚ R-22 is a versatile intermediate in industrial ‚ organofluorine chemistry, e.g. as a precursor to‚ tetrafluoroethylene

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity

160 Piece



Packaging Size

450 g




10 ppm w/w Maximum

Specific Name



Visually clean to Pass /Solids

High Boiling Residue

0.005% w/w Maximum


99.90% (R22) w/w Minimum

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